Root Motion Rotation?

Hi i have some root motion characters for an NPC. I’m using Blueprint Anim State machines to play first one animation, then the other. The animations move around a lot and the root motion means that the second animation starts playing from the end position of the first - which looks good. BUT it doesn’t seem to take the rotation or facing of the preceding animation into account. I would expect the second animation to be rotated to the correct facing. Digging in I noticed that the skeletal root does not have any rotation info in it. So i made new versions of the anim where the skeletal root has just Y rotation (from the hips). But this causes the animations in Unreal to skate around. :frowning:

Any ideas?

Well the actual rotation rate comes from the root bone and not the hips and if your rotation rate is a constant then the hips rotation will reference off of the root and the root will reference off of world space and not the ground.

This explains the effect
To correct the offset difference you should be turning the character at the root, not the hips, and hold the rotation at each point that both feet are on the ground. This way the feet will be whats called grounded as in using the ground as the reference and not world space (as in what in place does)

Hi yes I was using the hips bone to give the root some rotation in motionbuilder. So what Im looking for is a solution to getting the rotation lets say of the hips at the last frame in the outgoing animation and then rotating the incoming animation to face the same way. Can I do this in Unreal? and how?