root motion of character trying to climb ledge

hello everyone,

I am trying to get my character to climb a ledge and I have BP setup and working, when my character is hanging I press “w” (play climbing montage) and my character just does the animations in the same spot of the hanging anim and the capsule doesn’t follow with the anim. I have root motion checked on both anims. not sure how to get the capsule to follow along with the anim of climbing.

I hope I understood correctly.
It’s not the capsule that should follow the animation, it’s the other way round.
For example if you put a Backward animation to your Forward Input, it will show the backward animation even though the character is moving forward.
Basically you need to make the Capsule rise above the Ledge first, so that the animation can follow it.

In which case, did you actually make an Event for the actual Climbing after the Hanging Event?
Just adding an animation without linking it to a new Event will cause the animation to deploy on the same spot of the last event (which is what you seem to describe).
Basically you should have an Event for the Hanging (which you have), and a new Event to link the new animation to the actual Climbing Up (The Capsule above the edge).

Also if you already set up a ‘W’ Event for going Forward (as it’s likely), you should branch it and add the ‘Climb Up’ Event instead of making a new one.

Thank you TEKK3N it worked. I had the event but now I have the capsule move to the position I want like you said and everything’s good now

You are welcome.
I think the biggest difficult in learning how of programming it’s not the technical aspect of it, but understanding what does what, I guess you spent hours trying to fix your animations, which was never the problem.
Now that you know that for any of your animations that requires the character (capsule) to move or perform a motion action you have to set up a different Event, it will be much easier for you to animate objects.

Well if using root motion the capsule should be glued to the position of the root The animation should follow if using in-place.

What might be an issue is the case of using a character BP the player is still bound to the capsule for the purpose of collision and gravity. A basic physics requirement is the player needs to be in a constant state of falling unless limited by a ground surface. This can cause conflicts as to “inair” requirements where the root motion wants to climb, or jump, but the physics wants to pull the player down unless it’s in a “can fly” state.

Another common problem is when people use Mixamo Animations.

Although you can check the Root Animation box, the Mixamo animations don’t have a root because they are tailored on Mixamo Skeletons which don’t have root.

So if you need Root Animation for a particular action, like climbing, never use Mixamo, unless you know how to add the root yourself on Blender or Maya.