Root Motion not working

Hello guys!

I made a model that should work with root motion ( enemy ) but it’s not working at all. I made a parent bone for the whole skeleton to the ground ( not at 0,0,0 ) and named it Root. In the editor if i tick the checkbox “enable root motion” at the animation it plays in place ( instead of the model moving forward ). I made an animation montage too but i don’t see any option there for root motion. I tested it with a simple skeletal mesh placed on the map and with an animation blueprint too, but the character is just playing the anim in place, not moving anywhere.

Is there something that i have to setup in the model itself or i have to test it different way to see if its working?

As of 4.7, root motion is set in the Anim BP. Take a look at:

Does your AnimBP have Root Motion set to on? Inside the AnimBP, under the character preview window, go to Edit Defaults, and turn on “root motion from everything” in the drop down

Also you still preview the root motion on the animation sequence by checking Show>Process Root Motion