Root Motion Not working

aa.fbx (489.5 KB)

Hey there , I’ve been trying to get my root motion working but cannot seem to find any way . The blender processed animation includes root motion and, even when i enable root motion i can just seem to find my character rolling on place instead of moving .
Also is there any other way of applying a dodge mechanic to a TPC game.

Changed the names to Root and was able to import using Mannequins skeleton, but my guess it’s not meant for it. :sweat_smile:

Yeah its a mixamo character mesh and i have added it a root bone too . Here you gorooted.fbx (2.0 MB)
Thanks for the effort

Yup. It’s working.


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Does it seem to have any specific problem with 4.24 ?
Also does it work in game

It should work fine. Used UE5EA to test

Don’t see why not.

Okay so the problem is it seems to work fine everywhere except the preview editor . I’ve tried enabling root motion from everything but the character seems to be rolling in place .

Okay so the problem was not creating slots in AnimBP . The animation works but is broken to some extent making the root bone a bit of vibrating during animations.

If you want the character to do the animation in place, you’ll need to fix that with this. Result:


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Will the root motion still be functional after using the converter?

Yes. You can toggle it after converting.

Can’t thank you enough.

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