Root motion not working with slots in AnimMontage

I have noticed the following bug when using several animations with rootmotion in different slot within a single AnimMontage:

  • Create a new AnimMontage
  • Add animation A with rootmotion enabled
  • Assign Animation A to slot A
  • Add a slot B
  • Add Animation B with rootmotion enabled
  • Assign Animation B to slot B
  • Launch the game and play the AnimMontage
  • When the AnimMontage is played with slot A selected. The animation A is played normally and rootmotion works normally.
  • When the AnimMontage is played with slot B selected. The animation B is played normally but the rootmotion is ignored


I’m setting up a repro test following the steps you have listed. However, I need to know exactly how you are setting up when to play slot A and when to play slot B when playing in the editor.


Hi ,

Thanks a lot for coming back to me on that matter.

Basically I have a state machine for locomotion combining various blendspaces for idle, movement, crouch, etc animations.

Then the pose of this locomotion state machine is cached in “PoseCacheToMelee”

Then I use BlendPosesbyint to select between three slots, depending on the current weapon: “fullbody”, “pistolfullbody” and “riflefullbody”.

In the EventGraph, the AnimMontage “Melee”, containing three animations, one in each of the above slots, is played when the “MeleeButton” is pressed.

Only the unarmed Melee animation, which is the first slot in the AnimMontage (“fullbody”) is played with rootmotion.

I hope this helps. Thanks again.



Following your repro steps I was able to recreate the issue of root motion not working with more than one slot in an AnimMontage. I have reported this bug as JIRA [UE-19229]. When resolved, an update will be added to this post.

Thanks for calling this to our attention.

Hi ,

I was wondering if there has been any progress in resolving this? (I can see that this is down as ‘backlogged’). I am on 4.14.0 and the bug is still there. I am working on a networked game which relies on the accurate blending of two root motion animations for a central gameplay feature. This is a roadblock for me.


Hi lighthouseproductions,

Since your inquiry, we’ve decided to enter a new bug report for this. We decided to make a new test case for it and make a habit of not changing the original info in a bug report. See UE-39496


Thanks , it’s really good to know that you have a target fix version.


This issue still occurs in version 5.1.