Root motion not working in montage


I have imported Greystone from paragon to UE5. Everything works with one exception and that is root motion in animations.
Even when I add root motion to in-place animation manually (for example Attack_RMB) it is visible in the animation itself. When I create a montage from that animation it stops working. Root motion is not visible in the montage preview and it is not applied to the character when montage is used in-game either.
Is there some way how to fix this or am I doing something wrong? (To add root motion to the animation I create key-frame in the animation start, go to end frame, move the root node and create second key-frame. In animation preview it looks and works fine).

Thank you, Gibbon

Hi, I have the same problem… were you able to solve it ?


I just got it to work with a workarround…
in original Animation - enable Root Motion - > than in the Menu button: Create Asset → Create Animation → Create Current Animation → Preview Mesh…
and from this new animation I was able to create an animation montage which kept the root motion.

BR Peter


I was not. I used different model and animation for testing and moved to another part of project. But thank you for the workaround. I guess animation got broken by migration to UE5. I will try this approach tomorrow. It’s great you posted it here I hope it will help anyone looking for this topic!


There are some bugs with root motion in UE5 early access, this thread might help:

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