Root motion never turns velocity to zero

Hello friends!

I have set up some “got-hit” animations to be played randomly from a montage in an enemy character.They are set with root motion and they play fine.The problem is that when they are finished character doesn’t go back to idle(it was setup with a blendspace in anim graph and a “speed” variable that change the blend from “idle” to “run”,from 0 to 375) He walks .I checked at animgraph the “speed” variable and its around 198 units.I found that the velocity drives it from 0 to 300+)
I tried to change “blend-out” in the montage from 0.25 to 0 and it dropped the velocity a lot and now “speed” is around 6 and now he walks very little.But that didn’t fix the problem.How can i drop velocity/speed to zero and become “idle” again?