Root motion montage problem

Good afternoon, everybody!
I’m a beginner!
I really want to make my own game.
I’m facing a repulsive problem.
I want to hit the enemy, and he flew away from the hit.
I made a punch animation for the character and a fall animation for the enemy. I have a few problems.

1.The first problem is that after the strike, the enemy takes three steps backwards as in the animation, but its capsule component remains in the same place, where he was standing. How do you fix it?

Here is code Zombie animbp​​​​​​​

here is code ZombieBP

2.The second problem is that the strike is not fixed once, but several times, because the collision hitbox on the leg touches the enemy’s collision several times.

3.The third problem I can’t solve is how to make the hero hit the enemy and not miss if the enemy is in the strike zone?

4.And my biggest problem is how to bite a zombie?
I really want the enemy to be able to bite my hero like in resident evil. So that the zombie would grab the character and bite him, and the character couldn’t escape for a few seconds?

I would be very happy to hear from you for your support and advice. Thank you very much!

(I attach high resolution files in reply post down)