Root Motion - Lack of Understanding

I’ve updated my mesh so it has a root bone at location 0,0,0 as the image below shows

Could someone please explain the significance of the orange line on the Body bone, the root bone has a white line as do the other bones (e.g Waist bone on image), I had expected the root bone to have the coloured line not the Body bone?




There are orange lines on the root and waist bones too but they are mostly hidden by the transform widget. And in the case of the root bone it’s just really small. I don’t see how this has anything to do with root motion though.

I’m trying to figure out why I can’t get root motion to work on my character, to me it looks like the bone hierarchy is setup correctly on the character and when I import an animation that requires root motion it fails to play correctly.

For the animation, I’ve gone into maya and updated the animation such that the root bone moves with the animation. I set the root bone to 0,0,0 with 0 rotations on the first frame and copied the x,y,z transforms from the hip to the root zero’d out the hip transforms. It all plays fine in maya.

Been looking at this for far too long and seem to be chasing my tail …

How did you set up the animation in UE4? First you need to enable root motion for the animation sequence itself under Asset Details. Then check that it doesn’t reset when playing the animation after ticking Process Root Motion under the Show button in Persona. If it moves like expected you can then add the animation to a character and enable root motion from everything in the anim BP and it should work.

Yep I had set the root motion on in the animation sequence, I did not know about the process root motion under show, that does show that the root motion appears to be working, so thanks that helps explain that the issue I have is elsewhere, I had assumed I’ve stuffed up the bits I did in Maya.

The animation I’m testing is a climb animation, the blueprint is pretty basic where I’ve set physics to flying before the anim is played (via movement mode), play the montage and set physics back to walking after it ends. If I turn off root motion I see the anim play as expected, where he moves up into the air then returns to the start position, all good Blueprint is activating the anim.

All other anims without root motion will play correctly its just when I turn on root motion for the anim and press the key to drive the root motion anim it goes weird.

Hmm just created a new 3rd person project just to test the anim and I can see it works so it must be something conflicting in my actual project with the anim. At least I have something to figure out now.