Root motion jumping?

I’ve been trying to find a good solution to this problem over the last few hours, but I just can’t come up with something that works semi well. I use root motion animations for everything in my animation blueprint, but if I try to use root motion to jump with, I either can’t get it to use the momentum from other animations or even move off the ground.

I looked around a bit and it seems like using in-place animations for jumping is the best solution. That works fairly well, except when I then blend-in to root motion animation once I land on the ground again. At that point, any momentum gained by jumping is completely lost, instantly. Is there a way to make root motion behave better in this case? I don’t mind doing in-place animations while jumping, but I don’t like how it just cuts off any momentum the second I use a root motion animation again.

If this isn’t possible, what are some alternatives, assuming I want to use root motion for my animations? I already tried the suggestion of setting the movement mode to flying while jumping, but it didn’t work any better.

First you can’t blend root motion with capsule, it will always cut and glitch because its not interpolating.

In order to jump with root motion you need to move the root bone in your rig on Z up axis or Y up axis 3ds/maya during the jump, this depends how you setup your rig. And you need to have it on fly mode later in unreal during the jump.

Honestly Root motion has been a pain to use in unreal compared to other applications such as unity. it has many limitations specially lack of blending among itself and capsule, good luck.

Waiting for epic’s new animation system, it should hopefully be the go to solution for most cases.


Hey Capsup, have you made any progress on this? I have the same problem and looking for a way to presever the momentum from the root motion.

Jumping using a movement component is buggy as the act of jumping is a physics and not so much an event driven action so the two will fight with one another… The basic principle of root motion is all things as to speed, velocity, direction as well as movement is built into the data that only requires a trigger event so what worked for me, once, was to wire up the RM jump to a binding in the same way you would wire up a run cycle.

I read your posts here and in other threads with great interest and your Youtube videos had some really useful tips regarding DAZ studio pipeline, so thanks a lot for sharing your insight with the community.

Well basically that’s how I set it up now, although sometime I find it hard to compketely miss out on the chance to have some physical control. For example: When my character falls down from great high, it feels more natural (though maybe not realistic) to have some small air control while falling. But blending beween RM and capsule driven movent is a pain. So I wondered if there might be some tips and tricks for blending from root motion to capsule while keeping the initial movement momentum/impulse?

Well the main problem with the use of root motion is there is not a root motion movement component like there is as to in-place and the simple fact that using root motion or not the “character” model is “always” in a constant state of falling. The benefit of course is an off the shelf ready mix solution that solves the problems and needs for a constant as to the needs and demands for controlled input with in a networked component that takes care of the replication and error correction requirements with out having to do it from scratch with in an all RM design.

The result though, and as you mentioned, is the character model becomes un-grounded that would turn the result into a user imputed Pixar movie so it’s still the same old same old of having to author a hack work around to get proper movement dynamics.

I went on a bit as once the character is “in air” then control is returned to the capsule so any kind of in-air control would have to be applied to the capsule as in “Is Flying”.

So no I really don’t see anyway of controlling world space movement using RM once the player leaves the ground with out having to rebuild the frame work from scratch.


Use a notify state on the montage or animation and Override_NotifyBegin, set the movement temporarily to flying, and then on Override_EndNotify, set it back to walking. Adjust the notify state for the desired result. In the jumping case. At the peak of the jump; end the state. You will have successfully fixed it and enabled mobility when falling.

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