Root Motion Issue With Mixamo

I am making a simple “walk loop” which makes the character actually begin, loop and end the the walking. But the root motion causes problems for me.

I have a character animated using mixamo, exported to ue4 22. But when i enable the root motion, my character starts to slowly move away from my camera, and disorients itself from its default world orientation as the anim transitions happen via AnimBP. I am using blender, and checked various tutorials on youtube, for fixing it but for no avail.

Here is the screenshoots of the root motion causing pain in the a**. :slight_smile:
I can ss the blueprints and the AnimBPs if that will help.
Open to any ideas.

Thanks in advance.

First pic shows when there is no input from the player itself,
Second one shows the result after numerous input from players (like presssing W key after finishing the first cycle, releasing it)
The secnod one also shows the disoriantaition of the skinned mesh (skinned mesh should be facing directly where the camera is like in the first picture.)

I thought the Mixamo anims had no root bone animated in them? You may have to edit the skeleton and add a root bone, then re-author the animation you are using, keying the rootbone to follow the hips or pelvis…