ROOT Motion issue the Master solution checklist

For everybody wondering why ROOT motion does not work.
Here is the Mastersolution I found after having issues like forever…

So if you are realy sure that your animation has root motion…

!NOTE! root motion only works for “Mesh (Inherited)” !!! dont know if its bug or intended like that

sidenote: when using Blender for animation browse the internet how to apply root bone animation
(I suggest copying the keyframes of the root bones location(!) in in pose mode, then delete them and add them keys in objectmode of your amature(if this somehow is possible^^)

so now my checklist for proper root motion usage in UE4:

1. check if your character IS the "Mesh Inherited

2. if its not…have fun rebuilding your whole character blueprint

3. check in animation blueprint if root motion is set to Montages only or from everything

4. make sure in Animation editor the “EnableRootMotion” is checked
–if its not character moves and snaps back to root position
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