Root Motion is skewing my character


I am trying to extract root motion from my run cycle. But whenever I enable my root motion in my animation, it "tilt"s my character to the side. Here is the picture of what I mean:

I have try using different root motion lock, it just tilted the animation in an another orientation.
I believe it is caused by my rig not having a root bone and everything is driven by the hips.
I went back into MotionBuilder added and baked the translation of the Hips on to a root bone (and take out the forward motion on Hips) and attach it to the hierarchy.
The new set up solved the tilting problem but doesn’t lock the Hip in place (it locks the root in place though).

below is my skeleton set up (pre-rooted):

The animation currently is not in a animation Bp (I am aware that ABP has an option to take root motion, but that didn’t solve the issue either).

Can anyone point me to the right direction in solving this issue?

Thank you all in advance Ü

Yeah, this happens with not-in-place animations. I’ve had this problem and I know of no easy way to overcome it.

I tried keyframe offset my animation in Unreal, but it doesn’t seem to work.
I can make it completely side ways or upside down, but it doesn’t seems to register small rotation.