Root Motion is 2x fast

I have a walking animation for a biped character (built with CAT) that is synced perfectly with his speed to produce no sliding. His root bone is located at his origin and maintains a perfect sync with the pelvis position. I can 100% confirm the root is NOT drifting away from the pelvis. This was done with a root extraction node in CAT, so it’s perfectly in sync as far as I can see at the source.

When I enable root motion, I can see that the movement is stripped out of the root bone and the character now walks in place. This is expected.

When disabling root motion, the character again begins to move on a line with zero sliding at all. This is expected.

When I play the animation on the character with root motion being used, he appears to be moving exactly 2x the velocity of the animation. This is 2x less than expected.

If I change the playrate, it does speed up or slow down the animation but this 2x offset is still there no matter how fast or slow I set it. This is oddly expected.

Am I doing something wrong?
Any help would be appreciated.

I have created a video to help illustrate the issue:
UE4 Root Motion Question - YouTube

Please read the description if you get the impression I’m upset. I’m ill is all.

I solved it. I restarted the editor. Yes, that happened.

Even worse. My solution eluded me further. I only thought it was the editor restarting. That was just a coincidence.

The actual problem was that I had an active Camtasia Recording. I’d record the screen to prove it but…

I don’t know why or what would cause this. My system’s up to spec I think with 8core 4.5g, 64g, TitanX?

Seems a bug because even if I have the recording paused it’s broken. I mean, this seems like a very specific thing to break considering the problem is another application altogether. I can’t detect that anything else in my project changes while recording.

But when I’m not recording, my character has 100% perfect foot planting.

Funny, I’m trying to make a tutorial about how to set up basic root motion driven movement and literally the WHOLE point of the video is (literally again) the ONLY thing I can’t show working properly.