Root motion inside of animations / state machines

It would be very helpful to be able to use state machines using anim sequences that have root motion.
I have set up a combo system with a state machine that can play animations, however I want to be able to use root motion to update the character position and keep the camera at the correct distance.

As you say, currently only Montages support root motion. The main reason for this is so we can support root motion in a network environment. In the next few months we do hope to add support for root motion across all animation, for cases where you don’t care about networking.

Oh, that reminds me, another thing that one of my team members noticed is that you apparently cannot lock root motion to a single axis any more?
Could this feature be brought back, or is there something we’re missing

Hello, any news or updates on this please?

Although I don’t need it yet I’d like a solution that didn’t rule out network support.

We can’t play Montages in State Machines? Is that something that’s planned?



Hi i’m currently working on a project and have set up my attack combos in a similar way, is there any update on using root motion with animation sequences played in the state machine? I think this would be a great tool to add to Unreal 4 because i find it easier to use than Animontages.

It should work since UE4.5 like you wish. Have a look at the big red box in this link