Root Motion in Sequencer Anim Blending

Hey guys,

Pretty straightforward question. I have a set of animations with root motion and want to link them together via Sequencer for cinematic and film purposes. This is NOT for a game only for a film.

For example I have a Horse Dismount animation that I want to blend to a turn left animation and then blend to a walk forward animation and then blend to a walk loop. They all are root motion animations but after blending the character goes back to the root at the end of each anim. Now I can time them and key the character’s top level transform but that’s really making for poor timing and animation.

What’s the proper way to implement this?

I was looking at a couple of marketplace plugins but not sure if any of these will address my issue:…t-motion-guide…ller-framework…tion-extractor

Would any of them operate in Sequencer?

Thank you!