Root Motion, how to set up in Motionbuilder?

This is a dumb question maybe, but how to use Motionbuilder to ensure Root motion?

When using Motionbuilder the default is that the skeleton ends up with a ‘Null’ node at the top of the hierarchy. I believe this is the notional root. It doesn’t move in MotionBuilder. In Ue4 it stays still and the Pelvis node is stretched towards it. I want to enable root motion, but checking enableRootMotion in Ue4 seems to do nothing, so how to set this up in MB for Ue4?

the correct way that works for me is here -( i must have gone back in time to make that guide). [http://.com/SpacePlace/2016/09/28/how-to-get-root-motion-from-motionbuilder-to-unreal/][1]