Root Motion Help

Hello all,

I’m making a walking animation for my character in the link I’m going to post… Turns out I borrowed some animations from mixamo. I imported them into ue4 and they work great. Only thing is when I hit root motion it looks weird as seen in the first section. Including in-game. The running isn’t natural. In the second animation, it looks more natural, just the character is on a bit of an angle. Is there a way to rotate the character in the animation? Yes the character is lined up in the view port btw lol. I cant seem to figure this out! Thank you in advance!

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Can’t be sure but it looks like you did not set retargeting options on the skeleton. Open the Character and select the Skeleton tab. Then click on “Options” and enable “Show Retargeting Options”. The root bone and pelvis should be set to “Animation” or “Animation Scaled” and everything else to “Skeleton”. Or atleast that has worked for me some of the time.

You will need to experiment.

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bump, im trying everything and getting no where :frowning: