Root Motion Hell

I can’t figure this out for the life of me. I’ve got a root bone, it’s at 0,0,0, etc., and from the look of it it is translating perfectly fine as it’s supposed to in engine. You can see from the screenshot that is is moving from the origin. But for some reason there is still some kinda bone at the origin, even though there’s no such bone. And when I check the “enable root motion” box, the character stops moving completely. Just sits there. If I open the FBX file in maya, I can see that the whole root bone is moving. But in Unreal, no such luck. What am I missing?


So update: So in the animation window if I got to show>process root motion, he does contiuously move forward as he is supposed to. But when I play the animation on an actual character with a capsule, he doesn’t move.