Root Motion from Sequences?

Howdy, gang! I haven’t had much luck finding answers to this - I have a pawn who gets taken over by a sequencer animation. This animation has root motion in it. The root motion plays fine if from the AnimBP itself, and looks fine in the “Process Root Motion” debug view of the animation itself, however when called from Sequencer does not appear to work. Are Level Sequence Actors with sequences that contain root motion animations supported?


I’m just guessing but I’ve had some issues with things being spawned vs being possessed in the level
So maybe do some tests with that

There is an include root motion option checkbox there. I have also had issues with spawning character and using possesable , with animations.

Can you please tell a little more?
I can’t find where such a checkbox is

Same all work from BP and “Process Root Motion” debug, but not from Sequencer

Check animation details, disable force root lock may fix your problem
use import from animation root, you can get the root transform for sequencer