Root Motion From Everything broke in 4.11 preview

Selecting “Root Motion from Everything” in AnimBlueprint Edit Default options turns off root motion from Montages in 4.11 Preview.

Previously in 4.10 … Selecting the above option meant root motion was applied from the state machine AND from montages.

In 4.11 Preview … Selecting “Root Motion from Everything” applies root motion from the state machine but NOT from montages. Selecting “Root Motion from Montages only” applies root motion from montages but not from the state machine.

My game development just ground to a halt, please fix this :frowning:

Hi Waves,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve reproduced it on our end in 4.11 and entered UE-27100 in our system.

However, I suggest that you don’t perform active development in Preview builds. You can think of Preview Builds as a beta for the full release. They’re there for people to experiment in and find bugs that might slip through the cracks. I would suggest going back to 4.10 for active development until 4.11 is out of Preview.


The above problem was noted in 4.11 Preview 2. After switching to 4.11 Preview 5 it still doesn’t work.

I’ve downgraded my project to 4.10 and that works. But I’m missing out on so many cool new features in the new version. Can I get an acknowledgement of this issue?

That was oddly good timing, I was apparently testing this when you responded and didn’t see it until I submitted an answer.

Normally I wouldn’t actively work on a development preview. But there are several new features just too good to ignore. Thank you for noting this issue. Really looking forward to 4.11