Root Motion from Blend Poses by Int


I currently have a state where a bunch of different 12-frame Animation “Poses” are being blended by the “Blend by Int(List)” node, but I cannot get the Capsule to move between the poses.

I eliminated the usual suspects:

  • Change the Root Motion option to ‘Root Motion from Everything’ in the Animation Blueprint Preview and the Class Defaults.
  • Enabled Root Motion in the Animations themselves. (No Additive Settings)
  • Applying Root Motion to a character with the use of a Character Movement Component instead of a pawn. (Movement Mode is set.)
  • Made sure I am animating Root Motion correctly with Blender through Preview Root Motion in Animation Preview.
  • Animating the skeletal mesh of the actual character (GetMesh()).

My Character Movement Component is returning false however when I check its CurrentRootMotion.HasRootMotionToApply() during runtime.

Would this be a matter of Root Motion not being applied during a blend or am I missing something here?


EDIT: Character MovementComponent is returning true on HasRootMotionSources();

EDIT 2: So, there doesn’t seem to be any functionality to take root motion from a 100% blend as far as I can tell. I got my Root Motion to work by “actually moving the root” in my animation, albeit with some problems getting it to play consistently via the Blend by Int Node.