Root motion for multiplayer, and montage state machines?

Hi there guys, real quick.

I have a setup in which we have a player with his bones and everything, correctly configured to use Root Motion.

Root Motion is enabled on each animation in the Persona section
Root Motion is enabled for all animations (not montages though)
The character class responds to the method “is Using Root motion” with True

But the character is not moving.

Now, i have read a lot that root motion is not really meant to be used on networked games without the use of montages, but i have trouble configuring the montages.

Right now our Update method on the AnimBP is getting all the info on the character and turning it into booleans so the locomotion state machine can change states via Transition Rules.
114423-new bitmap image.png

This is a really simple view, the transitions check boolean which get updated on each update animation, this are computed using the character class.

Now this setup works just fine without root motion, but if networked root motion needs montage, i would have to change my logic so the Event graph on the animBP triggers the play montage section, and i can’t wrap my head around how to do that.

How would i fix this? is this because i’m not using montage or is another issue?
If i would have to change to montage, would i have to move all the logic from my Locomotion State machine to the event graph to play the montage sections?.

Please help, ii’m really confused and the documentation is not helping much, it just presents what root motion is without helping with a setup example.


A Question that is similar to mine:

The point is that mantaining the animation state logic on the state machine is pretty tight and clean, but using montages forces using the event graph, which makes imposible for us to use the state machine for this issue.

Any ideas?

Is it working when playing single player?
Did you enable “Use Root Motion For Everything” on Anim BP in both Preview tab and Defaults tab?

As how the game is coded, singleplayer would be when i’m playing as the Server host, and no, it’s not working. It has me really confused to be honest

Did you enable “Use Root Motion For Everything” on Anim BP in **both **Preview tab and Defaults tab?

yep, as a matter of fact if i disable it the animations move but the capsule stay on place.
But if i reactivate it, the animations stay with the capsule, but the capsule won’t move