Root Motion Extraction with Floating Movement

I’m using a custom pawn from the following Custom Gravity Plugin GitHub project (GitHub - HoussineMehnik/UE4-CustomGravityPlugin: Unreal Engine 4 : Custom Gravity Plugin) and I do like the results.

It uses a Floating Movement component in the blueprints to do some wild features.
However when I started adapting animations and montages with root motion checked and applied in the settings of the animation blueprint, the character would perform the animation, but the root motion would not carry over into the floating movement component.

I’m hoping that I can simply enable/disable something on the floating movement component to allow for root motion to be applied as it would normally on character movement.

Any insight, even to let me know that it is not possible is appreciated.
My work around ideas are to extract the root motion using a plugin such as “Root Motion Extractor” (Root Motion Extractor in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace) and possibly apply the root motion as forces. Seems a bit rough for the simplicity that I was aiming for.

Did you ever solve this problem?