Root Motion Doesn't Work

Hi all,
Was wandering why my root motion animations won’t work correctly? My character plays the animation in place (both regular animations from animation blueprint and montage animations from blueprint).
My root motion option in the animation is on (when I turn root motion off it plays as it should but moves back to where the animation started when finish).
I know my skeleton is ok because root motion used to work with this skeleton. Also, When I turn root motion off (in the walk back animation) I see that my character walks backwards (in the animation preview) and when I turn it on it stays in place.
In my animation Blueprint my root motion mode is Root Motion From Everything.
Anyone might know what’s missing?

You can visualize if root motion is existent and enabled in the animation pane. Character>Animation>Process Root Motion.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I’m not sure if I understood what you meant:
I turned on Process Root Motion (in a walk back animation) and it showed me that the character walks back (away from the start location). I guess the root motion works in the animation itself, but not on runtime.

Correct, that is the first check. Is your character moving further away from the starting position every animation loop or he keeps going back to the starting point when animation restarts?

Can you tell me are how you triggering this animation? Is it a montage or locomotion state?

In the animation preview he’s moving away from the starting position.
This specific animation is triggered by animBP (locomotion), but I’m using both animBP and mo tages in this project and both won’t work correctly.

That is unexpected. You mentioned your AnimBP is using ‘Root motion for Everything’, correct? That should work. Can you print your screen showing your inputs and anim graphs?

What do you mean?

Can you do a print screen you your files and copy the image inside your reply window?

For now it’s just a walk forward and back animations

Your blendspace uses input from -1 to 1 as direction variable. Is it responding correctly to your keyboard inputs? how are you sending this info from the player to its animbp? Is your character moving at all?

It’s responding correctly. I’m using Input Action values from the character. My character is playing these animations but without moving from its location.