Root motion doesnt work properly ):

Hello guys,
I have the Dynamic Sword Animset from the marketplace and im trying to get a root motion atack while pressing spacebar but it doesnt work. The root bone is correct, the enable root motion in the animation is enabled and i have verified that it works with the options of the animation viewport. So i create an anim montage of that animation in the slot that i have defined in the anim bp, then I have just configured that when space bar is pressed then play the anim montage but it doesnt move the player, it works like an in place animation. And if i configure the animation in the state machine it moves the player but when finished it returns him to the initial location…

The funniest thing is that i have tried in the third person template and there it works perfectly… So what another part do i have to modify?


What I have found out in that specific Marketplace asset, is the root motion bone does not retarget correctly. I had to make the animations custom for a character in 3rd party software anyway. But, a work around you may try is to get the “Forward Vector” in blueprint and “Launch Character” by a small amount to give the illusion of root motion. I’ve had success with it.