Root Motion doesn't apply

Hi, I’ve imported this skeleton which has some animations to whom I’d like to apply root motion but I can’t because Unreal applies it on the root “Cyborg” and the root motion is instead on “root” bone. In other words when I play the animation “root” bone moves but the root bone “Cyborg” stays still at 0,0. Searching around I read that I cannot change the root motion bone so is there a way to fix this problem?

Ok so if you have any animation to whom you’d like to apply root motion but the root bone is fixed and you want to use another bone to apply the root motion then

1)RMB on skeleton and Create Rig (include all bones)
2)Go in Retarget Manager, Set Up Rig and apply the rig you made
3)Match the root bone of the skeleton with the root motion bone you want
4)Now make a copy of the skeleton
5)Do the step 2 with the skeleton you duplicated
6)Choose your animation and retarget it for the copied skeleton
7)Now you should have your animation with root bone moving since we copied the transform from the other bone

Enjoy :smiley: