Root Motion causing character to slide to camera position

I’m having the classic “my character is sliding to my camera position” problem. Only I’ve tried all the usual solutions and can’t seem to figure it out. Its working perfectly with the UE4 Robot Guy, so I’ve imported my custom character mesh and duplicated my CharacterBP, and changed the mesh and AnimBP it points too, retargeted my anim BP and all the anims and such. I’ve been over nearly every single setting and the new BP’s are identical to my originals, however the root motion is sliding to the camera. Before you ask, I have checked “apply root motion from all” in the anim BP, and i’m applying root motion from the actual anim too. Could my custom mesh somehow have a screwed up root that is causing it not to work? Thats about the only thing I can think would be happening at this point. Thanks for the help!