Root Motion Bug - Character "Bounces"

I thought I saw someone else post about having the same problem, but for some reason I can’t find that post.

I’ve created a root motion controller and when my character starts to move he bounces down then immediately back up and starts moving, then when he comes to a complete stop, he bounces down and then up again…

Very strange… I’ll post a video tomorrow if nobody has any suggestions.

I’m using Kubold’s Movement AnimSet Pro and UE V4.8.2. I used the default V4.8 skeleton that I repositioned into an T-pose and then retargeted all of the animations & blendspaces. I have Root Motion for Everything turned on in the animation blueprint, and all animations have root motion enabled.

Hmm… Just for the record, it appears to be something with the transition from the UE4 “Idle” animation to the Movement AnimSet Pro Walk animation. I switched to the Movement AnimSet Pro Idle and everything appears to work fine now.