Root motion broken in 4.9.2?

Root motion seems to have broke for me in 4.9.1 or 4.9.2.

To test, I synced all my project code and assets back to when it was working, recompiled and ran it…and it was still not working.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi KMcPherson,

Are you still experiencing this? Also have you made any significant code changes that may have effected root motion? We have not had any reports of root motion being broken in 4.9.2 and I’ve run a lot of tests involving it myself.


Thanks for asking .

No I am not, please close this out. It was my error.

It was in fact due to me running a dedicated server, and states were not replicated properly to the client, so that while the root motion was functioning, setting the player to use physics flying was not happening. Which made the vaults and climbing seem like root motion was broken, when it fact it was setting physics back to walking.