Root motion animation in sequencer

I have a character blueprint that I want to move using root motion animations during cut scenes in sequencer. I also want to link animations together. For example, play root motion walk animation then play idle animation.

Is there a way to use root motion like this in sequencer?

I have enabled ‘root motion from everything’ in the anim BP but if I play a root motion animation from sequencer it just plays the animation in place. If I disable root motion it moves the mesh without moving the character.

I would like to move my AI characters this way but it seems like it’s not possible?

I have the same problem. Did you manage to do something about it?


Just stumbled on this and here’s a quick fix.

On the transform track of you character, left click and go into the properties. Uncheck the locks and make sure to only have 0 or 1 frame. Set the location accordingly and it should work.

What I understand from this it the transform track seem to override the root motion with the transform location at every frame. Too bad there’s no obvious options to make this work.

Don’t forget to check the root motion checkbox in the animation!

Hi! Could you expand on this? What did you do to “Set the location accordingly” if you only have 1 frame on your transform track?

Thank you a lot ! It’s working perfeclty

Even if you only have 1 frame you still need to place your character at your desired transform position.

What are you talking about… I don’t see any locks option there is an option called lock but that just lock the track you are unable to select or change it… other then that it doesn’t do anything… can you show a picture of what you are talking about?

Right-Click the Transform track → Properties. Uncheck those. (This is UE5 but should be similar in other version)

Is it possible to render In-Place animations using a sequencer? I have checked Enable Root Motion in animation settings, so the character moves in place. But once I use the same animation in Sequencer it starts to move forward leaving its capsule behind