Root motion: Animation goes back to first frame

Hello (Sorry if my english is not ok, im from south america :D)
I have a problem with this… I started on ue4 some days ago and I’ve learn a lot, but I still having the same error on animation or anim montage: My animation goes back to start point after finished. I know that there are some similar threads and I did everything possible but … error still here.

Ok, I downloaded a animation and skeleton from mixamo,
I add the Root bone with 3ds max and set keys for every frame and
I removed the keys from lips.
I replaced unreal default character with this character cause the only thing that i want now is stay on the last frame position when an animation attack is pressed.
Blue print is ok, Anim print is ok, but my character still going to the first frame position when anim montage ends, so, whats going on?
Is that normal ? am I doing something wrong? is there any solutions ? does she loves me?
I think that translate character to position + vector direction when animation ends is not a solution :<

Thread Closed. I solved. I don’t know how. I just changed the settings of my unreal importation and done! also I modified some settings on 3ds max exportation.
For future generations:
When you download an animation from mixamo you need to add the root bone and attach it to animation. Set keys values to root bone (same keys of first bone of hierarchy) and clear the keys of first bone. There is a tutorial:

Then in your unreal engine importation, make sure that you are importing right your animation and check the “Root motion” input