root motion affects to all transforms??


I have some questions about root motion. I understand (I think so…) the main root motion meaning but I dont know if root motion affects to all transforms or only to movement.

I have a character with root motion walking forward animation and it’s working properly. I have a 180 degree turn animation with root motion too but when the turn animation ends the character continues walking to the same direction… I mean that it rotates again to get the original orientation.

The question is… is it a problem about animation or root motion does not rotates my character because only affects to movement?? Have I to rotate my char during the animation??


More info


I suppose that I have to be more specific about my issue… hehehe

I have recorded a little video showing it. The character has only two states in the animation blueprint: walk and turn. Every 5 seconds I switch a var for turning. Walking and turning animations have root motion activated and the animation blueprint is using root motion for everything.

Walking is working properly but turning is weird… not the complete rotation is being applied only a little. I have attached a Cube to my character mesh just to see more clear the global rotation.

Any idea??


Normally Root motion affects movement, rotation and scale. It seems root motion is somehow not working for your turn animation.
Check the root motion checkbox in your animation in UE4
Check the root motion keys…
Check your “Play root motion in Montage” of “Root motion on everything” in your ABP.
Check in your montage preview that the character stays in one place… if not Root motion is correctly configured …

mixamo anims are broken and dont work for root motion.
Their root bone is the hip bone (they dont have a true root bone), so any wiggle and rotation in the hips will be transferred to the entire actor - no good.
Also check if you exported them with rootmotion or not.
But in the end, only fix is to manually bake in the root motion by adding a true root bone and transferring the y/x anims to it.