Root component cannot be attached to other components in the same actor

Trying to attach actors to sockets setup my characters skeleton. They only appear at the base of the character and when I stop play I get this error message:
“…root component cannot be attached to other components in the same actor. Aborting”

Anyone know how to take care of this?

your a bit hard to understand here, but the basic idea im seeing is your attempting to attach a actor to a socket of your character. if thats the case then we are going to need to see your script to see what youve done. it sounds like your plugging the wrong reference into the attach to actor node but itd be best to see it to confirm.

Found the problem. I copied my character bp code to my preview equipment bp (sending to a render target) and forgot to add a target. That’s why it failed.

Do you know anything about connecting skeletal mesh to a socket? I’ve just added skeletal components and since I attach them to a skeleton copy in maya and use master pose I’ve gotten great results. If I attempt to attach them to a socket it just ends up looking horrible. Out of place, clipping etc. Even after adjusting positions.

mmmhm not quite sure on exactly what your saying. are you attempting to place something like a sword or other object in the socket? for that kind of thing in the past ive just added the socket to the bone that i wanted within the skeleton section in ue4. then i position the socket as needed (near palm for example). then i add a preview mesh to get everything dialed in. the meshes themselves i just have the mesh origin where the characters hand would be (origin at hilt for a sword). its all pretty basic stuff. i dont know what your working on so its hard to be more specific.

That part is very simple yes and that’s what you’d do for a static mesh. A skeletal mesh like a piece of armor that has to bend and move with the body of the character is not as simple, like I said adding a skeletal mesh component to my character works fine. It’s made to fit in maya and attached to a copy of the same skeleton, hence all translations and rotations will always be correct. When adding it to a socket though, it has a lot of issues.

And what I meant by preview above there is that I have a system for the player to preview the items attached to a copy of their character in a small window. But that’s all working now, except for the skeletal mesh parts, ie armor. I have a workaround but if I could use sockets like for a static mesh that’d be best.

The reason for that is you are not providing a target to you attach to component Node, the target should be the reference to your actor.