Root bone motion axis?

Hi there!
Is it possible to specify which axis your animations use for root bone motion?
I saw that with animation montages you can enable root bone motion, but it enables it in all axises.

Also, is there any way (even with code) to use root bone motion with regular animation sequences?

Hi Keytotruth,

We do not support per axis filtering anymore in UE4. We did in UE3, but our experience is that it wasn’t very useful, complicated the code quite a bit, and was slow. If we were to add it back, we would rather support it on the tool side, by pre-baking filtering into the animation, than supporting it at runtime. We have no plan to do so right now though.
We also do not yet support Root Motion on regular AnimSequences. This is however a very popular request, so we expect to work on it soon.

Hope this helps!