Root bone merge w/ hips during import


After Rigged my mesh in mixamo I add to the skeleton a Root joint for be able to force some animation to stay in place in case off …

But today when i import my skeletal mesh in T pose , it create a skeleton where the root joint is not on the floor un like my maya project but he is merge with the hips joint.

With this issue , all of my import animation is now flying at +90 in the Z axis.

I can resolve this issue by reimport the animations with a Z translation value of -90 but i want to have a clean project with clean contents.

So anybody know how can i solve my problem to put the root bone on the floor like my maya project and from where it come ?

Best regards


Disconnect the bone. It doesn’t need to be connected.
Once disconnected, flip it so it’s flat on the floor.
That should fix things.
Copy the mannequin