Root Bone location changes when importing skeletal mesh (Bug?)

This is going to be a lengthy post as i am very exhausted. Anyway i created a basic bone structure for my weapon and for whatever reason ue4 stretches out, or changes location of my my root bone?

here is a picture

Does anyone have an explanation as to why this would be? Do i need to provide anymore information?

Can anyone help me please???

thanks guys!

This might not be such a common problem, when nobody replies, probably nobody knows. I’ve never seen this happen on any of my exports. The best I can do is offer to look at your file and see if I get the same results and if so, try and track down the reason. So if you’re willing to send me a source file, I’m willing to try help you out. I guess it would be worth knowing your software… Max, Maya, Blender?.. Other?..

You could also post on answerhub and see if someone there or even one of the Epic guys have a quicker answer for you.

Hello, what program did you use to create the weapon? I have 2 ideas what the problem could be. 1 if you are using blender and you set up everything nicely in your blender world and exported. Problem is blender uses the center of the world for your pivot point so Unreal is stretching the root bone to the center of where the blender pivot point would be.
Number 2 is you could try and set Unreal to use the skeleton instead of the animations.(if you don’t know what I mean look here ) This fixes 99% of my animations problems.

@novellof You need to be patient and wait a few days for people to respond.
Longer if near a weekend or public holiday.

Did you import the mesh with/without animations?
And from what program?