Room Service - Action/Horror


I have been working on a game for a past few months and it is now on Steam Greenlight. I would appreciate any constructive feedback and your support!


looks cool! i like the environments and the puzzle solving

Thanks! Every vote helps!

This game looks great! The voice acting is good, and the dialogue choices add some agency to the whole thing.

Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see more challenging puzzles!

Thanks for the kind words. Comments like this motivate and inspire to make the game as good as possible :wink:

Nice game! Just voted you on Greenlight! How’s your campaign going so far? Ours seems to be stalling a bit at about 400 votes…

The game has been Greenlit! Thanks for voting! The same happened to me. You need to promote the game outside Steam.
Room Service Greenlit!.png

Congratulations! How many votes did you have when it was promoted? If you can share.

My game got Greenlit with 656 votes in 9 days which isn’t too bad but you really have to advertise the game outside Steam as well. Steam exposure lasts for about 3 days and then there are almost no views because only the most hardcore Greenlight veterans go past the first page.

Congratulations on the greenlight! Am looking forward to playing the game!

Thanks a lot!