Room lightning

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I’m am very new at Unreal Engine and just got a pretty fair question. I am creating a game heavily based on colors. Therefore I want to create a room that is completly black, and only the object I want to be colored. And the player colored aswell ofcrouse (It’s 3rd person).

I tried with all the lightning functions in the software but apparently I can’t find a way that satisfy me. The main thing I am trying is to make “lightning” not a thing if you can put it that way. Black is completly black, and colors are the colors they are in the material, no lightning affected.

Anyone who can help?

You can remove everything related to lighting(light sources and ambient cubemap, etc.), use a completely rough, black material for the surfaces and Unlit, colored materials with emissive for the objects and the character.

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How to do this emissive? Very new at this sorry :smiley:

Open up the material editor, change the lighting model to Unlit from the Details panel on the left. Then create a vector3(hold 3 and click on the empty canvas. When you double click on the node it will open the color palette) and set your color with it. Plug it to emissive and that should give you the basic idea of how it’ll work.

You can check the documentation to get further information and examples on materials(and everything else);

Will do, thanks :slight_smile:

So I did what was told, and it worked very well. Now it just seems like the box I made with my color shines A LOT. It should not shine at all (I Have no light in the level at all)

This is really getting be tired, been checking all material properties, even the object properties, but whatever I do the box shines like its the freakin’ sun.

Can you post a picture of what’s happening?

In your material do the following for a matte black unlit material

  • Under the main node go to the **Material **tab set the Lighting Model to Unlit

  • Now add a **OneVector **(hold the number 1 on on your keyboard and left click in the grid space) now attach that node to the **Emissive Color **input of the main node

  • Apply the material to your object

I want it to be on other colors than black aswell

Your picture isn’t loading

If you want it to be any different colors than use a ThreeVector instead of a OneVector (hold 3 instead of 1 then left click)

The 3 channels of the ThreeVector are 123 = RGB - Just don’t set these higher than 1 it it will glow

#12 That is what I did already, all of them are below 1. Still glowing, you can check the picture here:

When you want to have a shiny mesh in the level (without a light), then you either have to set down the glow of the emissive (CharlestonS already suggested you a way just set the 3rd value to something really low) or you add a subsurface effect and then you place a point light into the static mesh -> now the light should shine trough the mesh (for that way you need a light ^^)

Well yes I did connect it in the material editor - picture:

How can it else be done? xD

So basically you just want to have a dark room (no lights and alls meshes are black) except of one which should have a colour that doesn’t shine?

-> When it should be visible in the dark, then you will have to use the emissive node as you did it -> set the 3rd value to e.g 1 then it isnt so shiny
-> or you connect it with the base colour but then you wont see it in the dark
-> or you choose the subsurface way -> you get nearly the same result as with emissive

Should it look like that?

That should work perfectly, what is wrong with it?

It shines as on the first picture:

Yes it really should, but it doesn’t with any of the methods, still shines like this:

-Add a post process volume and turn down the bloom effect
-when you have a fog in your level, delete it

That’s the only thing that comes in my mind how you could solve your problem, because as you can see on the picture above, I dont get that bloom effect :slight_smile: