room (errors)

Hello! This is my first project. I do not know how to correct the error?

Most of these errors are due to a low-resolution lightmap. increase them moar.

the bathtub bleeding is probably because light is leaking through from the other side. make the walls thicker.

for the first image, I’d add a ‘lightmass importance volume’ to cover the whole scene and re-bake lighting, that should help there.

‘lightmass importance volume’ installed one at all premises

lightmap - 256
wall, floor, ceiling - 512

  • INI setting:
    NumHemisphereSamples = 16
    IndirectPhotonDensity = 600
    IndirectIrradiancePhotonDensity = 300
    IndirectPhotonSearchDistance = 200

Do you need to raise the value?

I would be going in through your level in the ‘lightmap density’ view mode (alt-0) and seeing what needs increasing. each square in that mode is a pixel. increase the resolutions for meshes that show up as having large squares in this mode.
I wouldn’t be touching anything in the .ini, since 4.11 it’s basically pointless.
Do you have any box reflection capture actors in your scene?

Thanx. I did not know about this view mode)
In a room set reflection ball

with pans error due to incorrect probably normal.