Room building blueprint template

Hey everyone

i´d like to show off my latest bp. I always wanted to create a simulation like building system in ue4 and add it to my templates folder for faster prototyping.
Goal is to keep it as modular and performance- friendly as possible in blueprints.

sorry for the bad video quality. Will upload a new one soon

Current version supports a grid based placement like in the video and a non grid placement but latter doesn´t have any neighbour tile checking function atm.
Every spawned room is an actor holding all the instanced static meshes (floor, walls). All the information about the room (min / max size, materials, etc) is stored in a datatable.

I plan to add functions for extending existing rooms,removing rooms / removing tiles, adding doors /windows.

Let me know what you think and tell me if i forgot something really common in such room building systems.

I made a new video, showing the extending room function and the very basics of the unit selection (widget for that is missing atm).

The extending room function is not just visualy extending the existing room. It is technically a new room with all the instance information merged into one new actor while the “extended” actors are removed. This way i can keep the actor count pretty low.

Removing single tiles and full rooms is in progress

Thats all so cool :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: How are you doing? still waiting for another idea from you. Pm me if you want me to help you

I recently added the removing functions of single tiles and the full grid. I also implemented a kind of a door system to connect two grids. At the moment this is kept as simple as possible (just a doorframe) and certainly needs some polishing but it works well with navigation.
Here is a short video with the basic features

Next steps involving more basic connections like windows and placeable objects around the rooms.

What do you guys and ladies think is an important feature of such a tycoon / simulation template?