Rookie question

How to set player pawn location base on saveslot information? If I use open level node after press savefile button event, the player always spawn at where player start object is, the set actor location node doesn’t change it。 Does it mean the right way to do it is to modify the player start object?

@anonymous_user_4a183493 Either should do it. You might be doing the set actor location too early, maybe give it half a second or so…

Thank you for your replying.Do you mean I should use delay node before the set actor location node? but the level is already open on the screen when set actor location work, and the player can be seen at the player start object, even I can change the location after while, but it is not the proper way to be done I guess, so do you have any idea to fix that? Is loading screen the right way to block it in this industy?On the other hand, the player start object seems can not be moved because the capsule setting,which I can not change it(does not on the detail pannel), so I am stuck

Gamemode have a function Spawn default at location, are you test to override?