Roof - Weird UV's

I’ve made a V shaped roof piece (pictured) This piece was made as an extrude in freehand.

As you can see from the second Image the material is facing the wrong way, I need to rotate the material 90 degrees so it would be horizontal. Any idea’s on how I would do this?


This is possible with the Modeling Tools.

Open the ‘UVEditor’ Tool → Select the top of your roof (It should be clickable as an ‘island’) → Click the ‘Transform’ tool inside of the UV editor → Rotate your island. → Click ‘Apply’

Let us know if you’re still having trouble!

I’ve tried rotation twice but the material is not changing its still vertical.

I tested the slate material on a wall and it looks as it should

Hm, I wonder if you’re rotating the UV islands on the underside of your roof.

Try selecting the top of the roof by clicking into the 3D viewport in the UV editor.

Then rotating 90 degrees once should do the trick.

I can’t click the top it selects a triangle on one side or the other, Which is why I selected the 4 area’s - I can only select the top if I select it as an edge

Ok, I can imagine a few paths forward from here.

  1. Practice on a cube, are you able to select and rotate UVs on the side of a newly created cube? Extrude the cube and continue to experiment with the UV editor, leveling up your knowledge to the point where you have a deeper understanding of this tool and are able to apply knowledge to the roof.

  2. Post a step-by step guide to recreate your shape. (You’re saying you drew an upside-down V in freehand basically?) - I’ll try to recreate this on my end and try to rotate uvs.

  3. Export the mesh as an .fbx and post it here.

Yes I drew an upside down V, I don’t know any other way to do it, I’ve been teaching myself how to model in UE, As far as I’m aware you can only draw the V in Top down view
Extrude_FC09A563.FBX (17.3 KB)
Never exported anything before, hopefully this worked.

Thanks for that,

I think some UV generation happened on import, because I’m seeing a different UV layout than the one in your screenshot above.

Try importing the .fbx that you exported and run through my steps again. (Running AutoUV or Unwrap function on your existing mesh before trying with the import could be worth a shot)

If that still doesn’t work out - this is your roof that I rotated the UVs on.
Roof_RotatedUVs.FBX (20.8 KB)

Moving forward: You can control the “size” of the roof tiles by either re-sizing the UV island or using a ‘TextureCoordinate’ material node (U/V Tiling in advanced settings on this node, feed it into the 'UVs" of your Texture Sample node)

Unwrap and Repack just worked on the original mesh, For me the uv editor is a nightmare, I don’t understand what it is or does. Thank you for all you’re assistance.

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