Roman Dzikh - 3D Character Artist

I am a 3D artist based out of Canada that works on a variety of assets including characters and props. You can find my Artstation profile here to see some of my work: ArtStation - Roman Dzikh

I work on characters with a PBR workflow and have worked with Unity and Unreal Engine. I primarily use Unreal Engine and Marmoset to render my models and see how they interact in a game engine. My experience includes using software such as Zbrush for high polygon sculpting, Maya for modeling and UV’s, Topogun for retopology, and 3D Coat/Substance Painter/Photoshop for Texturing. Additionally I have experience creating realistic clothing using Marvelous Designer and also Xgen to create hair cards for real-time hair applications.

I’ve been creating 3D assets for 4 years now as part-time freelance and could dedicate 20-30 hours a week to help your project succeed at a reasonable rate. Please let me know if you would like to discuss your project further.


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

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