Rolls animation bug

Hi to everyone!

I use this animations in my project -…-animation-set

But I have a strange bug. Sometimes animation work correctly, but sometimes character’s hands do not correctly follow the animation. What’s wrong? And thats promblen only in rolls animations, other animations works great.


An additive pose or aim offset must be overwriting the roll animation. Possibly an IK setup too?

I have no additive pose or aim offset. Maybe IK setup, but I use standart walking animations. And I do not change rolls animations, I suppose IK is working right?

Well, you do not have a weapon I hand so it shouldn’t be active, but I have no idea of how you coded it…

Regardless, anim debug will come in handy here. Film the same short with it on, and then review the footage.
you’ll see the animation names and the blend weights which will point you in the right direction…