Rolling without camera also rolling.

Hello, I’m trying to make by pressing Q or E the player will change the roll by 10, or -10. But at the same time I don’t want the camera to be affected by the change! How can I do that? Btw the character is flying. Thank you! Edit it would also be nice if you could also tell me how to change roll and do 360 degree/ barrel roll. Because after certain point it stops changing roll.

Thank you for replying!

By SetRelativeRotation my character just changes direction. And only works when the button is pressed. Where I want the character to rotate 360/ barrel roll while flying position. !

I tied both methods only to find out it didn’t quite work out. Sorry, I’m quite new to making these kinds of things.

alt text

You can roll only mesh, not whole character, by using SetRelativeRotation or AddActorLocalRotation.

Also it is possible to set camera world rotation separately from character.