Rolling Torque - 3d Platformer

Rolling Torque is a physic based 3d Platformer in which you explore a beautiful, vast and and sometimes ruined world.


Pango “Rolling Torque” Lynn is a Pangolin.
He can roll himself up to protect him against enemies.
One day he discovered that he can build up a tremendous torque combined with a massive momentum while being rolled up.
Eversince he travels the Earth in search of adventures and the ability to gain even more speed.

Download the Rolling Torque Pre Alpha Build #1 at

I guess it all started with the Blueprint Rolling Ball Template and i kept on building…

If you like the Demo please support my Crowdfunding Campaign at Indiegogo

If you dont got money to spare (i can relate) but still want to help please test the Rolling Torque Pre Alpha Build and tell me what you think
And please tell me your Framerate and your system!
It is really important for this game that you get 50-60 Frames per second.
The Velocity and Torque is calculated per Tick. Fewer Frames means fewer ticks which means that your are slower and possibly are not able to make some far jumps.
Since i only have my own PC to test this game im not sure what system you need to run it smoothly
The System Requirements on my homepage are just an estimated by me.

This game looks fantastic. Truly awesome work so far.

I will you all the best of luck with your project. Would you ever consider making an Android port? I think this would be a great game for mobile.




Beautifull !

Consider a Release - This looks something right up their alley :smiley:

Awesome work Gaara! Going to have to give this a shot today when I get some free time. Have a great day!

Thank you all for the kind words.

@ Thanks for the tip, GOG sounds like a good alternative to Steam

This looks like a heck of a lot of fun! I might go sign up for the alpha!

Awesome! I’m a huge fan of pangolins, and now I’m a huge fan of your game, too! :smiley:

Very cool ! Your project is very interesting, the art and the gameplay. And you started with the very simple rolling ball blueprint project, amazing.

This looks like hours of fun to be had!

Good job, it looks really fun!