Rolling/Somersaulting in Third Person

Hey, everyone.

So, I currently have an animation state in which my character will roll when I press a button. The animation itself has the character rolling, but does NOT roll forward, thus Root Animation will not be an option in my project.

My desire is when the A button is pressed on my gamepad, it should “push” the character in the direction he is facing at a speed 1.5x his current walking speed, similar to how Link rolls in the Zelda series. I’m trying to achieve this in the ThirdPersonCharacterBP that comes in the starter content package, however, I can’t figure out a good way to achieve this.

I’ve attempted using “AddForce” and “AddImpulse”, however this requires the mesh or capsule component to have “Emulate Physics” enabled, which completely breaks all movement components so they no longer work. Therefore, this is likely not an option.

I’m thinking there must be some node that will move the character forward in an easing motion, based on his current speed x 1.5, and using his relative direction.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help!