Rolling game template with 3rd person game template camera?

Hello guys, this question is fairly simple. I would like to have such a nice physics ball like in the “Rolling” game template, but such a nicely controlled by a rotating 3rd person camera like in the “Third Person” game template.

Could anyone please tell me step by step how to achieve this? I have been stuck with this issue for several days and it seems that it is not easy (even for others)… I am quite new to UE, I think I can manage basics of blueprints.

Thanks for any help.

Hey Kaspi-

You can go into Edit->Project Settings and select the Input heading on the left. Add an Axis Mapping (name it whatever you like) set to MouseX with a scale of 1.0. Then in the blueprint for the ball go to the components tab and select the spring arm component. Search the details panel for “Pawn” and set “Use Pawn Control Rotation” to true. In the Graph tab add an event node for the axis mapping you created and connect it to an “Add Controller Yaw Input” node with the axis value wired into Val of the input node. This will allow you to rotate the camera around the ball as it rolls around. You will need to edit the ball controller to always accelerate forward based on the direction of the camera. Here is a screenshot of the blueprint setup that worked for me to control always moving the ball forward based on camera rotation:


Cheers for this =]
Was 90% there!

Thanks for this explanation , it works really well. Simple to follow and effective.