Rolling ball template

I have added some extra camera systems to the rolling ball template, however I can not get it to Capture the Input axis events for moving the ball (WASD) based on the new direction the camera is facing… it always wants to be In the direction I start the game… I"M sure its something simple but for the life of me I cant find it…

It makes it difficult when Panning around the view left and right and are facing another direction other then the Starting one when rolling a ball because the W key moves forward and if the camera is spun 90 degrees to the right, W moves you left…

I hope I am explaining this correctly.

I solved this whole problem A bit differently. I done it for physics based ship.

What you need is component attached to center of ball acting as root, that is not getting rotation from spinning ball.
Instead of every tick you read your velocity vector. Split it into X,Y,Z, use only XY to calculate new rotation (arc tangents).
Now you have rotation that is horizontal only, build rotator out of it and manually (blueprintally) rotate camera root to speed vector.

Add camera arm actor attach camera to it. Camera arm has nice small thingy called “lag” or “follow lag”, use it set to quite small value.
And play with camera.

Also small use of interpto in such places gives very nice effects.

Ps. If i do not have braindead after working today i may modify ball template and post pics about how to do it here later today.

Simply take a look at the ship system in the Exemple content project.

It works exactly as you want. I have made my own ball game using this method. My ball game is working using force not torque. My ball is not rotating to move but it rotates as it’s moving.

The camera system used for the ship will be perfect for what you are looking for.

I don’t think the ufo is working how I need…
I need my Forward movment (W key) to be the direction my camera is currently facing. Not the original Direction of W as when I start playing.

I can spin my camera to 90degrees right, then WHen i’m in that view I want my W to apply the torque in that direction instead of the original direction. I will try to post a video…

Here is what I got. cd6d46539c1a5f56de56331e8cad07de8c4de87f.jpeg works perfect.

Thank you Enlikil, I’ve been looking for that tweak!